Tais Carballés, Lugo, 1989, lives and works in Madrid, Spain.


2015. MA in Photography, Art and Technique. Polytechnic University of Valencia. Spain.
2012. Degree in Fine Arts, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. (5 years). Specializing in Image Arts.       
       - Coordinator of exhibition: photography, design and organization of "The black and white to color". By Coca Garrido.
2012. Digital retouching of images with Adobe Photoshop CS6. Professional School of  New Technologies. CICE. Advanced level in creating, editing and retouching.



Curr. Artist. Creation of photographic projects, based on a research process. Spain.
2015. Workshop of Adobe Photoshop. Espacio 55. Valencia, Spain.
2014. Mariela Apollonio Assistant. Professional and artistic photography of architecture. Valencia, Spain.
2013. Camera Operator. Ojo de Pez Fotógrafos. Recording of a pilot sports program for the television of Libya. Madrid, Spain.
2013. Camp Monitor. Pedagogic Museum of Children's Art. "Holiday colors" under the theme: "Art in motion". Madrid, Spain.
2013. Fashion photographer. Freelance. Professional in fashion photography and events. Madrid, Spain.
       - Collaborations in the contests of Lady and Gentleman of Spain 2012 and 2013.
       - Official Photographer of the Contest Gentleman of Spain 2013.
       - Collaborations with ZsaZsa Party Events.
       - Photographer assistant in the delivery of classes of modeling in La Mancha Models.
       - Work in group with other freelance photographers.
2011. Professional in Photography. Fotocastro S.L. Reporting of events and retouching of digital photography. Lugo, Spain.



2014. V of Velluters. An artistic collective that arises as a result of a photo project which speaks of the replacement of the image of the reality. Focuses on the analysis and reflection of the great passive consumption of images to which the society has come to adapt. The goal is to make the viewer consider the image. The process involves the neighborhood of Velluters (Valencia, Spain) and is carried to an exhibition in a place no conventional: the solar of the Plaza de la Botxa.


Santander Grant Practices in PYMES. Conventional business practices between the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and the Banco Santander.

Group Exhibitions

2014. Image vs Reality. Plaza de la Botxa. Valencia, Spain.
EX- libris. Fine Arts University, UCM. Madrid. Spain.
2012. Black and white to color. Beginning of a way. Exhibition hall. Fine Arts University, UCM. Madrid. Spain.
2011. Ex/Implícit Sex in Art. Exhibition hall. Fine Arts University, UCM. Madrid. Spain.
2011. Camouflaged. Fine Arts University, UCM. Madrid. Spain.
2011. Menostauros 2011. Circle of Art. Toledo. Spain.
2010. Group B Morning. The first opportunity. Espacio 8. Madrid. Spain.
2010. NYC. Exhibition hall. Fine Arts University, UCM. Madrid. Spain.


2012. Donation to the Cabinet of Prints. Fine Arts University, UCM. Madrid. Spain.

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