Fine Arts Background
MA in Photography, Art and Technique
Passionate about the details


<< When the child was a child, he had no opinion about anything. He had no customs, he sat on the floor, ran everywhere, had a corkscrew in his hair and never grimaced when taking photos (...) When the child was a child it was time to ask this question: why am I and I am not you? Why am I here and I am not there? When does time begin and where does space end? (...) How could it be that I, that is me, before being so, was not and that someday I, who am me, stop being what I am ». `The sky over Berlin´, Wim Wenders, 1987.

This fragment is the origin of an inspiration. With this idea, a new line of research is born on which Tais Carballés decides to work. As a result, his first project appears: "Protagonists ", which alludes to the dream as a state of liberation from the imposition of the norm. This is the beginning of a line of research on which the artist currently decides to continue her career. A search for feelings, ideas and situations that she intends to show through photography. A work completely devoted to the study of the identity of people.

In parallel and together with another artist, she is designing `Habla´, a new workspace about which more details will be given soon.

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